Mastering Your Money: A Monthly Guide to Financial Wellness

Are you prepared for what could happen to you financially when certain life changes occur?

Do you have a regular schedule to review your financial well-being?

Are you sometimes stressed about managing money in an unstable economy?

Then you need a plan to systematically manage your entire financial health!

Join my two-hour virtual workshop for month-to-month instructions to automate your financial plan and make it a regular habit.

April 20, 2024, 12:00 p.m. EST

What you'll learn in this power-packed, interactive workshop:

  • How to decrease your monthly expenses by reviewing your account statements
  • How to stay on track to reach your financial goals
  • Ways to increase your income and savings
  • How to decrease your debt
  • How to manage financial challenges
  • What to do financially on "milestone" birthdays


**You’ll also receive a complimentary Personal Finance Calendar with your individual Regular Monthly Financial Tasks and Birthday and Life Events.**

Sign up now and don't miss out on learning crucial time-based actions you need to have on your financial calendar.

Higher Goals Learning

"Teaching you practical strategies to manage money wisely, overcome financial setbacks, and reach your financial goals with a customized budgeting plan"

Your Instructor

Kathy T. Evans

Certified Personal Financial Wellness Educator and Consultant

Kathy is the founder of Higher Goals Learning, a comprehensive personal finance learning community. Specializing in budgeting and saving, Kathy is committed to helping you win with money. She's also a widely-published finance writer on sites such as GOBankingRates.

Presented by

Kathy Evans
Higher Goals Learning

April 20, 2024
12:00pm Eastern Time

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